Customize Flexible Solutions

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Normal experience indicates that the enterprise would grow bureaucratic executives, inflexible system and lower the passion of staff when it is over 100 employees. Thus, ELGENS currently would like to focus on operational direction, planning system by providing suitable support and bonuses to every member; so that each one of them can work out their strength for ELGENS. We expect not only every member taking own responsibility and being detailed, but also having suggestion for improvement as their roles.

Most customers required certain customized item for their projects. Whether it is minor or significant, such as size of main board, color of enclosure, voltage of power, brightness of LCD, material of touch screen, bandwidth of wireless network or length of cable, it is all in need of medication. We show our profession to meet every individual case.Therefore, our major vision on products is to assist customers to integrate different IPC products into what they need as a complete solution. This would keep greater flexibility and options to purchase hardware for clients. The most important part is ELGENS will be in charge of assembling and test for quality control to avoid DOA and RMA before shipment.

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