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Moxa provides a full spectrum of quality products for industrial networking, computing, and automation in more than 70 countries.


Since 2008, ELGENS has been reselling MOXA products to Europe, Middle East, India and New Zealand, which each continent has different regulation for custom clearance. As a result, we not only deal with price range but also help to provide necessary documentation during delivery. For example, Indian client may require Certifications of Origins after the delivery.


Besides, we also help to provide Quality Assurance Report from MOXA prior to the shipment to our clients in order to secure the product quality.


Regarding the after sales service, we provide the repair service and solve damage issue during the warranty period for clients. RMA report will explain the malfunction and reveal the preventive suggestion for clients’ reference.

Quality Assurance Report

Above is the Quality Assurance Report from MOXA prior to the shipment to our clients.

In the meantime, we also provide Certification of Origins for custom clearance.

RMA Report is used to analyse the cause of malfunction and provide the preventive suggestion.

Also we guarantee the RMA service if any damage issue happens in each region.

The documentation is aimed to express UniGens is ready to support our clients’ project.

This service distinguishes UniGens from other MOXA re-seller.